Fuel Efficient Shipping

Fuel Efficient Shipping

We will help the marine industry save fuel, lower operating costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Let us help you.

Fuel Efficient Shipping

We will help the marine industry save fuel, lower operating costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Let us help you.

The Vessel Technology Advice & Support Project has been commissioned and funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) and is being delivered by a partnership of BMT and Black & Veatch. The primary objective is to help the commercial shipping industry understand and confidently quantify the benefits of investing in fuel efficient technologies for existing and future vessels in order to accelerate the deployment of viable fuel efficient technologies.

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The 15 month project consists of three phases: Phase One aims to identify and engage with a range of shipping stakeholders. Phase Two involves developing capabilities to meet stakeholder requirements; Phase Three will establish a sustainable business to promote and support fuel efficient technology on commercial shipping after the project ends.

  • PHASE 1

    Industry Engagement

    During this phase we will identify and engage with a range of stakeholders that are involved in the management, finance, operation, and procurement of vessels and on-vessel energy technologies. The objective of this phase is to assess the needs, attitudes and decision making of stakeholders relating to the use of fuel efficient technologies. This will enable the barriers and opportunities to be fully understood, and addressed in future project phases.

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    PHASE 2

    Develop Capability

    The Project Team will utilise stakeholders insight to identify and develop capabilities to resolve the obstacles that prevent adoption of energy saving technologies -like the development of accurate, transparent and trusted technical and financial models necessary to support investment in energy saving technology.

  • PHASE 3

    Deploy Venture

    The final phase of the project will establish a sustainable venture to promote fuel efficient shipping. During this phase we will develop plans to provide products and services, based on stakeholder needs identified in earlier phases. During the final stages of the project we plan to deploy the venture and begin providing solutions to help the industry save fuel, lower operating costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Where You Can Meet Us


VPO - VTAS Entity Launch


IDA Conference Centre, Copenhagen
Kalvebod Brygge,
København V, Denmark

RINA - Full Scale Ship Performance

24/10/18 - 25/10/18

RINA HQ, London
8-9 Northumberland Street,

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Fuel Efficient Shipping

We will help the marine industry save fuel, lower operating costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Let us help you.

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A Collaborative Effort

Our Representatives

John Buckingham

Chief Technologist

John has been involved with studies on the energy efficiency of ships for over 20 years. In recent years he has been modelling the application of energy saving technologies to a range of ship types with a view to achieving challenging greenhouse gas reduction targets. He has modelled ship, engine and propeller behaviours across a wide range of ship operating states and has published numerous papers on the subject.

Anne Straw

Project Manager

Anne has over 20 years experience in programme and project management, the majority in the maritime sector. She has a track record of delivering high profile, complex projects with her most recent experience being in the defence sector. She has worked on programmes as diverse as conservation support for the iconic HMS Victory to £35M business cases to HM Treasury for complex warship support.

Charles Yates

Business Development Manager

Charles is Commercial Manager for the Enduring Entity and Managing Director of CmY Consultants. He has developed a number of innovative energy efficiency projects which are both commercial and cut emissions. Previously he was Head of the Grant Thornton London renewables team. For six years previously, he was a member of the Principal Finance Group, which acquired businesses with a total value of $21 billion.

Keith Elliot

Stakeholder Engagement Communications Specialist

Keith is a Stakeholder Engagement Communications Specialist with experience of successfully designing and delivering campaigns for London Fire Brigade, Haringey Council, Transport for London and Lambeth Council. He joined Black and Veatch in 2018.

Ian Sellwood

Technical Director

Ian is Technical Director at BMT Smart and brings industry knowledge and technical expertise to the project. Ian and the team at BMT Smart bring the critical experience with data collection and vessel performance analysis required to verify any new energy saving strategy.

Nick Merrick

Project Director B&V

Nick is a Project Director within Black & Veatch and has experience of energy efficiency and carbon savings in related sectors. He led the Black & Veatch team as assessor in the start-up phase of a US$3Bn performance project in Qatar. He has advised the Saudi Arabian Electricity and Cogeneration Regulation Authority on their privatisation initiatives. He has worked and lived in various countries in the Middle East and Far East.

Paul Bright

Deputy Project Manager

Paul has undertaken a number of project management roles in BMT and prior to that in Rolls-Royce. He was involved in the VTAS project as bid manager and subsequently in project delivery.

John Wills

Consultant with BMT SMART

John is a consultant with BMT SMART, working in commercial maritime, principally with ship owners, charterers, investors and ship management companies. He has twenty years’ experience in business improvement and efficiency, in markets as diverse as telecoms, IT, healthcare and government.

Dan Matson

Business Consultant

Daniel is a business consultant for the Enduring Entity and a Project Manager at Black & Veatch. He has over eight years’ experience working in energy efficiency and renewable energy including three as a lead engineer for an emerging energy services company. Daniel is a Member of IMechE and holds a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute.

Chris Thorne

Chief Technical Officer

Chris is the Chief Technical Officer for the ETI’s HDV Efficiency programme with responsibility for the programme’s delivery which is employing a system integration approach to the future of vehicle design and vessel concepts to improve fuel efficiency.

David Butler

Project Manager

David is the ETI project manager responsible for the delivery of the VTAS project from an ETI perspective, as part of the marine element of the ETI’s HDV Efficiency programme to improve fuel efficiency in existing and future vessels.

Noel Tomlinson

Business Consultant

Noel is a business consultant for the Enduring Entity and a Business Development Manager at BMT. He has over seventeen years’ experience working in the maritime industry delivering technical design and consultancy solutions to clients within both the defence and commercial sectors.

To assist the project please consider sharing your organisation’s experience of fuel efficient technologies using our online questionnaire.

The survey covers the following topics:
a) Industry barriers and motivators
b) Fuel and energy management techniques
c) Energy saving technologies and strategies
d) Possible solutions

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